Darwin the Monkey 1.0
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Darwin the Monkey 1.0

Darwin the Monkey is an enjoyable platform game mainly intended for kids
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Darwin the Monkey is an enjoyable platform game mainly intended for kids, in which you are a cute monkey who must collect his stolen bananas. The game includes 30 levels and 6 gameplay styles. However, in the demo version, there's only one gameplay available. All the levels have a certain goal, that mainly involves collecting a certain number of bananas that are thrown by a frog in boxes. These boxes must be broken to find the bananas, and the bananas have to be kicked towards the hot air balloon in order to collect them. There are also a few bonus games in which you must collect as many fruits as possible in the allotted time. All the levels have different fruits that can be picked up in order to get extra points. Also, from time to time, the letters forming the name Darwin appear on the screen and if you manage to collect all letters in one level, you win bonus points. You will also have to deal with the evil frogs that will try to kill you, so you can jump on their heads to immobilize them for a while, but you cannot kill them.
The game features very colorful and attractive graphics, with cute characters and stunning scenarios. All the levels are different and include all sorts of platforms and vines that can be climbed up. The game gets more difficult as you progress, with more enemies and more goals to accomplish per level. Unfortunately, it is a little bit short.
I'm sure kids are gonna enjoy this cute game for the time it lasts.

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  • Cute characters and scenarios
  • Nice theme for kids
  • Bonuses
  • 6 varied gameplays


  • A bit short


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